Wednesday, 7 August 2019

The Phoenix Whistle!

Firstly, welcome to 2019. 

We must apologise for being quiet this year so far. A number of personal developments have gotten in the way. But we have been working on drawings. Recently, a member of the team went up to the Railway Museum to research more drawings. 

We are nearing the casting process for some items of the bogie which we will be getting quotes for the production of patterns soon. 

Now, onto the big news, after a lot of searching we have managed to purchase an original Claud Hamilton Whistle. Although stamped LNER in places, it does feature one GER stamp. Meaning this whistle is off a Claud, number 1819 if the plaque is to be believed. 

No. 1819 was built in 1910, for the GER. Renumbered to 1819E in 1924, then 8819 for the LNER and later becoming 2590. Once BR took over a 6 was added to the front making it, 62590 in 1949. 1918 stayed in East Anglia all its life, till sadly it was condemned and cut up at Stratford in 1952, the final classification being D16/2. Which work perfectly with our build intentions.
We hope to restore the inner workings soon, meaning that a Claud will be heard again for the first time in 59 years. 

We have also hand painted our reproduction splasher plate for stand purposes. 

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