Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Engineering update - Bogie Frame Plates

The Claud Hamilton Locomotive Group are pleased to announce they have received the Bogie Frame Plates, what a fantastic end to the year. The group are looking forward to building on this success and moving the project forward.  The CAD work is already in progress for the next items required for continuation of the assembly, this will be the main focus for the New Year. We will get a better image of the plates in the new year. 

Thank you to all our supporters though the years!

Monday, 3 September 2018

New Build Steam Q+A

We recently had a question and answers section with the NewBuildSteam website.

Here is a little snippet:

Things have been pretty quiet online recently – is the project still progressing?

Yes the project is progressing well, we are working on completing a CAD structure of the bogie assembly, ensuring it is updated to the latest known variations of all the parts.
When finished we will concentrate on building the bogie assembly. Once constructed it will act as an advertisement and be used for fundraising for the build. It will be a showcase sample, of skills needed for the bigger build, as the parts used will be cast, machined, drilled, forged, engineered and assembled. We have sent drawings for the frames out to tender.

You can find the rest of the interview here: Q+A Interview .