Friday, 9 August 2013

Donations Form Now Available

Donations are now available to make with a printable PDF form via the Donations and membership page. Please read the document carefully before filling in. The form also includes a Gift aid section, Where the group can claim an extra 25p of tax from every £1 donated.

Please send the form back to the address located on the bottom of the page.

Thank You

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

News Update 06-08-2013

The Claud Board would like to announce that the group has been successfully partnered with the Whitwell and Reepham Railway, located in Norfolk. Whitwell will act as a parent company. The ability to receive donations will be operational by the end of this month. All donations made to the Claud will be restricted for this project only. We are still linked with the Australian new build group VSLC.
The main benefits for the new link are; a future base to store, build and use the locomotive, expert help, a local link and business expertise.

“Whitwell & Reepham Station re-opened on the 28th February 2009 nearly 50 years after it was closed to passengers.
Continuing aims are to restore the Station to its former glory circa 1930/40′s, relaying track and sidings, acquiring rolling stock and add more items to the museum relating to the Station and The Midland & Great Northern Railway.”


Claud Board