Wednesday, 21 November 2012


We are currently working away in the background on the project and as we have said before some of this such as a Business Plan will be shown soon. The website is currently being given a bit of a re-fresh which should be finished by the 28th so please bare with us in the mean time.

We are still receiving supportive comments, however some people have asked what is happening about Project Phoenix as we haven't been seen much this year. 
We would like to remind our supporters and other people interested that when we announced the Claud as a new build this was to gain support and interest for the idea. We will always welcome idea's, help and support especially from other new builds and people with experience. 

We hope to attend more events in 2013, hopefully to be started off with something very exciting at the start of the year alongside another new build project of which we are delighted to be working with. More on this in the coming weeks!

The drawing below is one of the latest to be made into CAD, a template set up using some of the drawings gathered from NRM. Some parts are missing. The large 7ft driving wheels are just a quick drawing to show the size.

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  1. Dear CHLG. Website is down?!
    You will find encouragement from the latest A1 Trust Communication Chord No 28. "the secret sauce of the Trust is the loyalty and support of our covenantors, and the professionalism and dedication of or volunteers... I am still surprised... that noone else seems to have realised this and replicated our model". Mark Allatt. This is showing you the way forward!
    Charles Maycock